Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SOoooo Maaaany Pictures!!!

Ok, just because I haven't been posting much, does not mean I haven't been working. I've been working like a dog (and for all of you who think dogs are lazy... I've been working like a narcotics sniffing dog or a lead the blind through NY city dog)

My most fabulous work has been what I've done in my master bedroom. It's not finished yet, but it definitely presentable enough for some pictures :)

This is not the quilt that is meant for this room, but it will work for now. My mom is making us (our wedding) quilt. She hopes to have it done by our 4th anniversary. (If you quilt, you probably know why it's taken almost 4 years to complete, lol).

Here's pictures of Justin's dresser and my dresser respectively.

Now for the two things in my bedroom that make me the happiest... First my brand new jewelry armoire!

I have been wanting this little guy for months. From the first time I saw it in my favorite antique store, it was love at first sight. However, it had a higher price tag than I could afford since all our money is going towards renovations right now. BUT, if you remember me mentioning my mom's yardsale, I also had a bunch of stuff on her lawn, and I made more than enough to buy this little beauty, which matches our bedroom set perfectly! I'm tickled pink about it. I had three mismatched jewelry boxes stuffed full (I love costume jewelry), and they did not look very good on top of my dresser. It's so nice that my jewelry finally has a proper and organized home. (I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the insides of the drawers!) Here's a close up of the little arrangement on the top.

The little tree was a thrift store find. I've seen these at anthropologie and fancy pants boutiques. Here's an easy peasy DIY link. I made the little jute basket to hold my hair ties and bobby pins. I'll put a close up of that in a second. The bottle is a vintage Clorox bottle I found a few years ago. My DH collects bottles, and I bought this for him. He laughed at me, apparently I never noticed the trend in his bottle collecting... he only collects bottles for DRINKS... oh well, I guess you could drink Clorox, but it would be a terrible idea! I liked the bottle though, so I decided to plop a few fake flowers in it... which I will replace with prettier fakes when I get the chance.
ALright, my little jute basket. I crocheted this out of jute (obviously, lol). The little metal bit in the flower, I found a while back in the street. (I'm worse than a mocking bird... when I see a shiny bit, I have to pick it up.) The blue yarn, I recycled from a scarf that I didn't like. (The inside is also lined with the blue yarn). I like to recycle whenever I can. I think I will make more of these little guys and sell them at the flea market. :)

OK... but back to my room... The other thing in my room that makes me soooo happy is my closet! It has been 7-8 years since I have had a decent closet all to myself. (my last bed room at my mom's did not have a closet, so I used a wire cart thing, then I was in a triple occupancy room in college... ugh... then Justin and I shared an itty-bitty closet for three and a half years.) Yes, it has really been that long!

Well, all the space behind these doors is mine, all mine!
Justin's shower is in the basement, so logically his closet is in the basement. (It's a closet he made for me when I lived at my mom's house over 5 years ago... but I'd moved out before he finished it) But anyway, shall we peek behind door #1?
It's organized! Hallelujah it's organized! I got the shoe rack at a garage sale a visited when I was taking a break from my mom's sale. It was $2. Not too shabby. I actually don't have enough shoes to fill it... but I can take care of the problem easy :) And behind door #2?
More organized fabulousness :) I only have one dream that has not been totally realized in this closet... I want to finally have all matching hangers. I almost do. I have all my tops and dresses hung on white hangers, All my tank-tops are on black hangers. I am gonna get some more white hangers here shortly and fix this. I have always wanted a closet that had all the hangers the same color. Never in my life have I been able to make this happen, but I'm like a pack of ten white hangers away,,, so it's totally doable :)
Don't stop believin' hold on to that feeling :)

And one random picture....
This is most of our books... I have no where to set up our book shelves currently, so this is where they are living. There are a few more boxes I still need to go through too... who knew we had so many books, lol! I have been doing a lot of in bed reading... I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I'm working on John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted. I also want to read Stephen Cobert's I am America and So Can You, but I don't own it yet.

Ok, I was going to add the kitchen progress to this post, but since this is soooo long already, I will open a new post for that.


  1. The closet is awesome! I need to clean and reorganize mine...AGAIN...and what is a jute? LOL

    You can get a bookcase at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap and minimal assembly. That's where I got mine. It's never let me down! (And it's not as heavy as the more expensive ones, which is a bonus when you have to move it to track down a crafty spider)

  2. thanks :)
    Jute is kinda like hemp or twine. It's a rope like fiber. It's softer than hemp though, so it's easier to crochet with. (Says the walking talking fiber dictionary)
    There are some book cases I am lusting after at Ikea... but we don't have an Ikea close, and Justin's not for a road trip to Chicago, lol.