Friday, May 7, 2010

I've been inspired :)

So last night after I posted my "ta-da" for my kitchen cabinets... I really noticed how much I hate that tile. It was cute until I painted the whole upstairs a light green with gray undertones. (Yes please!) So began my search online for some inspiration, and I found... this...

From: Tara Hatazawa, Interior Designer and Expert Colour Consultant

The colors are all wrong for my house... but I played around on paint shop, and I think I have found two color combinations I like... Considering I did not use actual paint chips to pick my colors, these are completely hypothetical, but I like

I don't know which I will end up with... but I am definitely going to use more than two colors... 4-6 probably, and I want to pull the green into the kitchen. My accent wall is going to be a tealy blue, so also that color. As for my other colors, I want them to be neutrals so it isn't overwhelming.

BONUS: My adorable friend Jenny got me a teapot and some plates as a graduation present. The teapot is from the 70's, but it kind of reminds me of anthropolgie for some reason.
It did not come with any cups though... So I think this is going to become my random tea set... I am going to thrift some cups for it... I'm thinking cups with lions on them or something cute like that. The little nub on the lid is creme, so I'm also gonna see if I can find little creme saucers. This definitely has some potential :)

* That avocado was my breakfast, and it was delicious!


  1. I like the use of neutral colors. So when this house is all done you're gonna meet me at Bread Co and then drive me out there, right??? :)

  2. certainly :) I'm actually gonna try and have it home warming party ready by the end of June, and if I do, you will definitely be invited to that :)