Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Pins Tuesday- Wish List

I was going to do another upcycling themed 10Pins, but then I thought I'd change it up. My birthday is fast approaching... and this, is my wish list :)

1. I still really want a card catalog!

 2. and THIS coffee table!

3. and this AH-mazing print. It's the entire book. Pride and Prejudice.

4. or this Pride and Prejudice scarf... cute!

5. I sooo want to stitch this!

6. Mama is getting me a bottle cutter, so I can make these!

7. Fall is almost here, and I LOVE sweater tights.


9. If I had a color printer, I would have made this already! (If you have a color printer, this is what I want from you!)

10. These rings! I would sooo wear them!

AND! For my party, I'd like to do this!
who's with me???

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