Saturday, December 18, 2010

My sweet husband

Yesterday I got home from work, and came home to the sweetest husband in the world. I knew he was going to take me out to dinner (sushi) and a movie (Dawn Treader). What I didn't know is that he was going to surprise me with two small household projects. First he did the dishes :) This is kinda a big deal in a house without a dishwasher. (And bonus, he actually put them away too.) And he did something else that I have been wanting for a while.

Here in the land of "where do you want this?"... "I'm not sure yet, babe"... Not a lot gets done. I've been pretty frustrated because the dining room has been tricky for me... don't think I've ever lived in a house with a dining room, we always had eat in kitchens, which you can usually only arrange one way. The biggest bane in my dining room is... the rocking chair... (I just deleted about two paragraphs of digression, lol... felt good to type out my real feeling about the rocking chair, but no one wants to read that!) Ok, back on track... The rocking chair's function in the dining room (Justin had to invent one to keep me from moving it farther) is a catchall for coats, scarves, and gloves... or a big fat cluttered eye-sore!

I recently found a little wall mounted coat rack we had bought for the apartment, and was trying to think where to put it. That last time Justin was home, he saw it out, and said, "Where do you want this?" and as per usual I said, "I'm not sure yet babe..." Then I played with a few different places, and discovered that little hidden spot by the door was perfect! "Right here."... "Ok, do you have the screws for it, honey?"... "errr?"

That's where I really thought this whole thing was going to end, but I came home yesterday to this conversation. I walked in to find Justin playing x-box, so I asked if I needed to take the dog out. He said, "It couldn't hurt." (He was hoping when I walked through the back door I would notice, hello I am a blonde. So I took Journey out, and when I came back in, I started throwing my hat, mittens, scarf, and coat onto that rocking chair, and was interrupted by, "Don't you dare!"... "....?".... "Turn around.".... " :) "

 It's so beautiful! Justin is awesome :) 
Now to move that stupid rocking chair somewhere where I don't have to look at it we both can appreciate it.

Our date last night was really fun. We went to our favorite Asian restaurant, and since it was the weekend they had all the really good sushi out. YUM! Then we went to go see Dawn Treader at the Lincoln, a cool old vaudeville theater that was made into a movie theater. (I was in a vaudeville play there in high school... it's a cool place). I mention this next part only because it was funny. We got treated to the black man's commentary of Dawn Treader. There was a very funny black man sitting right behind us who was talking his girlfriend, who didn't appear to be watching the movie, through the whole thing. "Now he's about to hit him with that oar... I just know it's gonna happen... you wait, you'll see... Oooo! I told you!" .... "Oh sh** yall, the evil is all up over that ship! It's too late, it's just to late!"... "Oh, there's Asland, you see his shadow, there he is. Tell um, Asland!" Ok, so he had Justin and I kinda annoyed at first, but he was so into the movie that eventually we just had to laugh about it. I usually hate it when people talk during movies, but this guy was just keeping it real. (If you don't know what I'm talking about just go to a movie at Jamestown Mall sometime.) His commentary made me miss living in North County, lol. I really love different cultures. After the movie, and a smile and nod from me to funny black man, Justin and I did something we do every year. Belleville has a gingerbread walk downtown. There are gingerbread houses in almost all of the shop windows. There are bunches of different divisions: children's, masters, fantasy, historical society, etc. It is so much fun to check out all the different ginger bread houses... even though it's always freezing, lol. I will leave you with an example of the coolness from a few years ago. (We never remember to take our camera...)

It's flea market weekend, and I have a little more Christmas shopping to do :)

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  1. 1) No, you did NOT just mention the Jamestown movie theater, LOL!!

    2) You were in North County, not North STL. Two COMPLETELY different places, to the point where you should probably edit your post. North STL is what those survey guys focus on when they tell the rest of the country STL is so dangerous. (boooo)

    3) Your smiling and nodding at the black guy only encouraged him to piss off audiences at many, many more movies. (Seriously, I would have shaken my fist at him in clear defiance)

    4) If you're a blonde, Clare...then I'm a blonde too. Remember when I didn't realize Michele had gotten a haircut for like a week?

    5) The Knitty Couture lady was lying, btw. I went back and looked at the ad and I was correct. So either they changed their minds or they could smell crochet on us and got snobby.

    6) Yay Justin! :)

    (Sorry for the long comment, I get talky at Christmas)