Sunday, December 5, 2010

Did you know 12-5 comes right after 11-27?

Ok, so "pictures tomorrow" didn't happen, BUT pictures today is definitely gonna happen... riiiight NOW!
 Journey is really enjoying Christmas already :)
 My mom made this nativity forever ago. She cast the ceramic pieces then painted them.
 Scrabble tiles = instant awesome
Happy Birthday Jesus :)
 Saw something like this at Anthropologie while Christmas shopping. Seriously what could be cooler than trees made out of books :)
 Oh, and this also made a dent in that big ol' stack of books on our bedroom floor.
To carry on the book theme, I made a bunch of snowflakes out of a few pages from one of my "project books".
 Here's something else I've been making. Little amigurumi snowmen ornaments.
 I just finished all the ones for my family, now I'm working on the ones for my pre-K class!
 I also decorated my book shelf a bit. That cool card tree was thrifted.
 You may have noticed that Journey has been in almost all of these pictures. I did not plan that, she really is that big of a photo creeper. (Don't let her fool you!)
You may remember me showing you little bits of twisted wire... they were antlers.
 When I thrifted these deer, they were pretty sad, but some wood filler, a nice fresh coat of white paint, and one set of antlers later they are just pretty :)
 they have jingle bell tales (not too sure how I feel about the tails)
 I need some tapers...
 Christmas hit this vignette as well. Those of you who are observant will notice a cup is missing. That's what happens when I don't do dishes for a while and I run out of regular cups, lol.
 My take on a snow globe.
 I ended up only putting us one tree, and that was an ordeal. (I was going to use my colored lights, but there weren't enough, so we went to go get one more strand. Justin wanted me to try out LED's. We bought two packs, and drove the 15 minutes home. One strand didn't work. Justin drove back to exchange them. The strand he got in exchange wouldn't work correctly unless plugged end to end... we tried every configuration we could think of, and finally plugged them backwards and ran an extension cord up the tree to the middle. UGH! The lights change from blue to green. Kinda cool, but not worth the three hours I could have had trees one and two decorated in and possibly cuddled up with said husband to watch a movie. After I put on the LED's I decided that the changing lights were too sporadic for me and added my little white mini-lights. It's growing on me. Justin loves it because it's really colorful and has all our "special" ornaments. This is the first year I've come home and he's turned the lights to the tree on all by himself. Usually he doesn't care too much about the tree, so that kinda makes it worth it.)
Ta-da! My Christmasy living room :)


  1. I love the book trees. Those are great. Kind of 'anthropolgie -ish' love it.

  2. Those book trees are adorable!! Where did you come up with idea? I love it!!

  3. What a beautiful Christmas decorations and the book-trees are amazing! kisses

    Ps: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for cozy Christmas!