Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I hope I get in

I'm stuck in a serious case of the "ho-hum winter is dumb, I don't feel like doing anything" blues. I really want to get going on some projects, but I need some inspiration. I took a leap and linked up to 1 month 2 win it.

I really hope I make it through the auditions to play :) I really need something like this to get my creative juices flowing again... I've got some killer upcycling ideas on the back burner. I've got about ten chairs I need to do things with. I've got a dog who needs some new toys. I've got a Pre-K class who would love some new manipulatives and games. I've got TONS of ideas, but no creative outlet right now. I love crocheting, but I need a break from it for a bit. I want to sew, paint, embroider, upholster, make jewelry, etc. So wish me luck! I'm ready for a challenge and some crafting fun!

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