Monday, January 3, 2011

looking back...

Well, it's a new year (obviously) and I found this quote. If you don't know about the blog Bits of Truth, beware it's sure to become a guilty pleasure quick. Sometimes as a home owner I feel like we aren't getting anything done, so i need to look back to see how far we've come. I'm gonna make a little list of the big projects we finished last year, but since I'm not masochistic, I'm not going to make a list of things to get done this year, lol... because I would only be setting myself up.

  1. I graduated college :)
  2. I sanded, primed, and painted all my kitchen cabinets. (With a ton of help of course!)

3. We moved out of the apartment we'd lived in since August 2006.

4. We tore out all the wall paper and tile in the upstairs bathroom.
5. We tore out all that awful carpet...
6. Then we discovered the wood floors only went to half of the dining room... major set back! Then Justin laid laminate over the hardwood... sad day, but much less expensive than lowering the sub floor and then refinishing everything.
7. We painted the living room, dining room, and hallways.
8. We painted the master bedroom.
9. We started painting the outside of the house. (Then the rains came, then winter...)
10. We laid a new floor in the kitchen.
11. Thrifted all kinds of goodies.
12. We set up our living room, master bed room, and guest bedroom to where they're actually spaces we live in.
13. We put up curtains in the living room.
14. I upcycled a lot! My favorite project was the desk into art.
15. I created a custom jewelry display to block that awkward window in our bedroom.
16. I found a chaise lounge, which Journey and I have been living on lately :)
17. Speaking of Journey. The hubs and I adopted a dog :)
18. Journey and I decorated for Christmas. Justin's family came to our house this year, and I made my first ham. It was fun.
19. Justin did a lot of little odd jobs.
20. My mother-in-law fixed our oven, and I baked cookies.

We really did do a lot last year, and I know we are going to get a lot done this year too. The two things on the top of my list are...
  1. Finish the upstairs bathroom.
  2. And get going on the basement, so I can have my sewing room at long last!
One last quote to inspire and convict you as much as me.
P.S. To my 18 followers. Thanks for joining me! Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on at my house, in my head, and in my life. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Thanks for reading my blog! You guys are great!!! REALLY!!!

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  1. Thanks for the quotes, I really needed to see them.

    And thank you for being a blog friend back. :)