Friday, November 12, 2010

Inspirational photo search

Maybe you've noticed that I haven't really done any projects in a while. I'm gonna go on and blame that on how horribly the last two went. Yes, the afters were good, but getting to the afters was nothing short of hellish. But here I am with my home renovating and decorating blog and nothing to blog about... well, I've blogged about Journey and she is definitely something, something really special :) but you know what I mean. I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to get back to projects and making this house even more of a home... SO... I have spent the last few hours listening to sermons (yes, I'm a nerd, and my church puts them online and the series is actually really good and thought provoking) AND going through almost 300 pages of furniture on Etsy with no filters. SO MUCH FUN! Here are all the beautiful and inspiring things I found...
This is super cute and would be easy to duplicate...I'm thinking herbs and kitchen towels...
This little tree shelf would look awesome in a kid's room or play room! They also have adorable bookends, but be ready for some hardcore sticker shock... I advise not having a liquid in your mouth if you go look :)
This is my dream coffee table... As soon as I learn to make a box, I want to make one of these! (But, I won't lie... I have my fingers crossed to come across one of these at a thrift store or flea market!)
I would settle for a coffee table like this too, lol. (I laugh because this table costs more than my car)
I think I like the slab o' tree look better for a dining table though...  look at those huge beautiful pieces of wood (I know, I know... that's what she said... aren't you classy, Tara!)
While we are on the subject of dining room ideas... I would love a full set of these vintage school chairs to use as my dining room chairs. (I had a full set of six... I think that three have broken now, if not three than four...ugh... but in their defense, they were from the 1940's and had not been stored well... poor chairs) hmmm, $25x8 chairs... $200... it's not too much really, just too much for me right now... I was a fool a few weeks ago. The thirft store by my work had some cool vintage wooden school chairs that they were sealing for $4 each... I was afraid they wouldn't be tall enough for my table, so I thought I will measure them the next day... gone... stupid, stupid, stupid me! Always carry a tape measure!
These are fantastic as well and look uber comfy :)
I soooo want a card catalog. This would make the best side table/coffee table/ bedside table... whatever! I just want one, bad :)
Now that is 100% fabulous. Sassy, cute, and pink. Love it!
I would love to add this little guy to my owl collection :) so cute! (looking for a Christmas idea anyone?)
Someday I will find you vintage sectional... someday... (Yes, I know I just did... not paying shipping on something that will come to me via craigslist/thrifting)
 another comfy looking green vintage thing... oh how I would love to reread Sense and Sensibility in you.
These are my colors, and the upholstery job is really beautiful... someday I'll be that good...
While we are on chairs, I really want an Eames Lounger, but I honestly think I would be content just to sit in one. I want to see one and touch one in real life. This chair is the embodiment of my design point of view.
This would be so cute to hang Journey's leash and harness on :) I even love the colors.
love this... also, I could make it...
I could also make these cute scrap wood Christmas trees :)
oooo, ahhhh, love this.
hello yellow, you make me happy :) If I ever find a head board and foot board to make into a daybed, I think a sunshiney yellow will be just the right color to paint it.

This is Lucite, but the same look could be achieved with paint... and I love the look of this piece :)

oh wow, now that's a lamp! This would look awesome in any room, but if I could afford it I would put it in my guest bedroom. :)
Oh how I love these ottomans... they are a set, and what a fabulous set they are!
this one is super cool too...
now this... this is where I would like to be right now, but I will settle for my bed, lol.

OK, so I am feeling more inspired... and I just might go a thrifting tomorrow... I also might just look in my garage and see what projects I've started and not finished :) Probably a better idea...

Well, good night all... happy weekend :)

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  1. Omigosh great finds! I love all the owl things I'm seeing all over the place lately! And that green vintage chair...WANT! I'll be following you, come visit me sometime at Billie Monster.

    ~ ~