Friday, July 30, 2010

Today I went a thrifting...

I've been a big fat slacker for a week (vacationing in GA will do that to ya). Justin and I were able to finish the floor before we left, but i didn't take pictures. I know, fail.

BUT, today my mama and I went thrifting and to World Market. (I loves me some World Market.) I got a little hot chocolate pitcher which looks exactly like this, but

without the top plastic thing and the stirrer. It's pretty cute and will be great for my special Kahlua and hot chocolates come winter. :)

I fell in love tonight at World Market. They have an oversized Indonesian bench. I have been dreaming about get a chaise lounge or daybed for a while now, and this might be the one for me.
It is cute and comfy, bonus! Plus it is big enough for my hubby, or future puppy or kids to crawl up on with me while I crochet or read. Fabulous.

I also bought some curtains for my huge window. They are reversible cream and chocolate brown, and they were clearence priced at $7 each. I think I am going to add a stripe of some mod blue fabric I have to them. (Don't worry there will be pictures) Note to self: buy a huge curtain rod for the huge window and so you can take some good pictures.

Well, pictures of the floor when I stop slacking, and until then Happy July!


  1. Uhh, happy August! I realized I wasn't following your blog and that's why I was failing to keep up with it! Problem rectified!